How Europeans Spot American Tourists

I have listed some of the basic ways people from around the world can spot American tourists. Taking these things to heart will help you to blend in a little more and avoid scammers.


“Happy” Gets a Bad Rap

Is joy more godly than happiness? In this article, I discuss how both joy and happiness are gifts from God. I also take a moment to discuss how these two gifts work together in the life of the believer.

How to Find Cheap International Flights

The inordinate cost of flights keeps most would-be world travelers from seeing the world. The struggle is real. The average amount people pay for cheap round-trip tickets to Europe and back is anywhere between $2,000-$3,000. My wife recently cracked the code. She got us to and back from Europe for $800 apiece. That’s $1600 total,…

No Matter Who We Are, It’s Christ’s Face We Need to See

After Words

By the Rev. Justin Clemente

A quick 600 word or less thought on culture and the Gospel…via the Last Jedi.

There’s this scene in Last Jedi in which the audience is being told something profoundly spiritual – something that very much connects with the spirituality of postmodern culture. I’m talking about the Cave Scene – the one where Rey gets a little too curious and is force-shoved (or something like that) down into the dark underbelly of Luke’s island. By the way, the movie location is actually Skellig Michael, where the remains of a Middle Ages-era Gaelic Christian monastery still stand today.

So, in the scene, Rey has a vision of a mirror of sorts, with an infinite number of “Reys” stretched out in front and behind of her. She finally comes to a hard, dark wall and believes this wall can reveal her parents to her (something a lot…

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